Autumnal colours & Wildlife along the Helford

November is a stunning time of year to enjoy a Helford River Cruise. The Helford River empties as boat owners take the boat ashore for the winter.

The wildlife is abundant in November, with the dropping of the leaves Herons and Egrets can now easily be spotted sitting on the branches in the ancient oak trees the line the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek, now with just a sprinkling of russet coloured leaves.

Herons and egrets, frenchmans creek, Helford River Cruises

Cormorants diving for fish in the now empty waterways.

Cormrant on Helford River, Frenchmans Creek, Helford River Cruises

The sky takes on a cobalt blue, which is reflected on the water, as seen in the photo below showing the view from the Budock Vean Foreshore,

where we launch our Helford River Cruises.


Yet Frenchman’s Creek is a blaze with autumnal oranges, russets and green as the leaves of the evergreens and deciduous trees hug the banks,

overgrown and left to nature in this stunning and peaceful conservation area. The water reflecting the tree colours,

a bright green in stark contrast the the blue river.

Frenchmans Creek, Helford River Cruises

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