Cruising down the Helford River to Gweek

A mid November afternoon the river banks ablaze with russet leaves on our Helford River Cruise to Gweek!It is such a different view from the waters. Barges are moored up by the boatyard.


Barge moored up at Gweek

It was delight to see the swans and cygnets enjoying a feed from one of the barges.


Feeding the swans and cygnets, Gweek

To the left of Gweek is the only bridge on the Helford River, crossing a small tributary as the Helford River is very tidal and fed by the sea.  Situated on the top of the Lizard surrounded by countryside and farmland.


Bridge over the Helford River Estuary

Cornwall Seal Sanctuary is on the right of Gweek – no escape seals today!


Cornwall Seal Sanctuary

We were surprised at how industrial it was with these big warehouses! Of course Gweek used to be a hub for trade and today still has a fully operation boat building yard.

fishing warehouses, helford river, gweek, cornwall

Fishing warehouses, Helford river, Gweek, Cornwall

Interestingly there were sacks that resembled Sandbanks just by the empty warehouses that have have trees and plants growing out of them.


Sandbanks, Helford River, Cornwall

The fishing hub is now on Mawnan Creek, moved down from Gweek due to the silting up of the river.


Fishing hub

Disused quays enroute to Gweek, a reminder of the importance of the river as a transport route in year gone by.


Disused quays, Helford River enroute to Gweek

The biggest quay, Tremayne Quay which is now owned by the National Trust and is enjoyed by many who camp and enjoy bbq’s there, a far cry from the reason it was built! It was actually built in the 1847 by Sir Richard Vyvyan in preparation for a visit by Queen Victoria. Whilst unfortunately the Queen never made it,  her great grandson, Edward, Duke of Windsor, made a belated royal visit in 1921 when he was Prince of Wales.


The National Trust’s Tremayne Quay, Helford River

All along the Helford River there were stunning bank filled ancient oak trees, this is Tremayne Creek where we spotted ducks, herons and egrets.


Tremayne Creek, just off the Helford River enroute to Gweek

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