Cruising in Thailand 2014/15

Thailand is a country surrounded by sea and boating is a great way to get around and see the environment from a different perspective.

Highlights are:

Bangkok boat bus along The Chao Phraya

Step onto of the many bus boats that speed up and down the lively river. You can hire private boats but we found the bus boat cheap, comfortable and a great way to see the river. The river flows with great velocity mimicking the whole vibe of the city. Travelling along the river traditional stilt houses are sandwiched in between modern hotels and temples. The river water even has greenery floating in it giving it the feel of a clean and fertile river.  Boat maps are all along the river and tickets can be bought at the launch.

bangkok old and new

Hire a long Tail Boat in Krabi

Thai long tail boats can be found throughout Thailand. We hired one in Krabi to explore the limestone rocks and we got more than we bargained for!

Krabi by boat

Landing on the island we walked up inside the limestone caves where treated stalegtites and stalegmites.

limestone caves

The boat driver then took on along the mangroves were we spotted a wild money family and water monitor!

Wild Monkey Family, Krabi, Thailand

Wild Monkey Family, Krabi, Thailand

water monitor

Water Monitor, Krabi, Thailand

These wild aninimals were all living metres away from this Stilt village on the Krabi mangroves.

stilt houses in the mangroves

Stilt houses in the mangroves, Krabi, Thailand

Hire a long tail boat in Kanchanaburi

Travelling up to the West of Thailand on the Burma border we discover Sangkhlaburi and Kanchaburi. Sangkhlaburi has a stunning wooden bridge, lovely lake and is the weekend getaway for the people of Bangkok. We enjoyed cruises on the lake there by perhaps one of our most memorable cruises was in Kanchanaburi.

Kanchaburi, infamous for the Death Railway Bridge (Bridge over the River Kwai) a key part of the railway built by Prisoners of War during World War 2. The town has museums and is now a bustling tourist town. We escaped the hussle and bussle hiring a long tail boat along the River Khwae.

The Bridge over the river Kai

The Bridge Over the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Stunning mountains and another amazing limestone cave to explore. The caves are also Buddhist temples with golden Buddhas including an 18 Foot Buddha alongside the limestone stalagtites and stalgemites!

caves at kanchaburi

Wat Tham Seua & Wat Tham Khao Noi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand



Sunset, River Kwai, Thailand

Thailand is surrounding by stunning sea and waterways boat trips in Thailand are a great way to cool down, discover some amazing wildlife and culture.