Helford River Cruises Wildlife Watch – August

Dolphins, Helford River Cruises, Helford River, Cornwall

In the heat of August, the trees in full bloom it can be tricky to see wildlife through the abundance of leafy oak trees, yet if it paddle along the creeks and under the branches kingfishers can be seen!

Kingfishers. Frenchmans Creek Kayak Adventure, Cornwall


The common kingfisher is much smaller than other Kingfishers we seen in Sri Lanka who are large and quite happy to pose for photos! The Common Kingfisher in stark contrast flitters between trees along the waters edge nesting along the river / creek banks.

Egrets & Herons

Egrets and Herons rest in the tree tops of the ancient oak forests that line the banks of the Helford River, Frenchman’s Creek and Polwheveral Creek both enjoyed on our daily Helford River Cruises on the Hannah Molly an open top 19 foot cygnus just perfect for cruising along the creeks.

Egrets where literally almost plucked to exstinction during the Victorian era as their pristine white feathers where the height of fashion in Victorian hats. The RSPB was started in the 1800s to come to the aim of the Little Egrets!

Herons and Little Egrets, Helford River, Cornwall

Heronry, Polwheveral Creek, Helford River, Cornwall

Oyster Catchers

No surprise here that we have oyster catcher sightings on the Helford River as both native oysters and the Royal Duchy Oyster Farming are situated here!

We often see them in pairs, chirping loudly as they fly by! A black and white wading bird with a long orange bill. We are not entirely sure why they are called Oyster Catchers as in actual fact the eat mussels and cockles! There are plenty of those too in the Helford River Conservation Area!


Cormorants with their jet black wings can be seen flying up and done the Helford River. They are also brilliant fishers with their waxy wings making them perfect for diving and fishing under water. They can often be seen perching on the buoys drying off their wings.

Comorants perching on a buoy by the Duchy Oyster Farm, Helford River, Conrwall

Cormorants perching on a buoy by the Duchy Oyster Farm, Helford River, Conrwall

And we are always on the look out for those Dolphins!

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