Indian sailing boat spotted in the Helford!

We were delighted to see this stunning 85 foot sialing boat in the Helford last during our Helford River Cruise.

The Tectona was built in India in 1928 by locals, with elephants dragging huge teak trees too the beach where they were made into planks for Tectona. 

Commissioned by a Major in the medical division as a private sailing yacht. He brought her back to the UK, which must have been an epic journey in itself. By World War Two Tectona was the Herbridies shipping supplies and personnel, a far cry from the warm waters of India where she was built! 

By the 1960s she travelled south to Plymouth where the Plymouth School of Navigation have used her as a training ship with young people navigating her all over the North Atlantic and Mediterranian.

Since 2008 she has returned to her medical roots, stationed in Plymouth she is helps people from all walks of life recover from drug addiction with Plymouth medical students taking past in her recovery voyages with The Island Trust. A stunning boat  – wonder if she’ll still be there for tonight’s sunset cruise at 6.30pm – our last cruise at this time of the year! Want to join us call 0794 102 7732 or book here