Spirit of Mystery getting ready for Tall Ships!










Spirit of Mystery was spotted on our Koru Kayak Adventure today!  SHe is a replica of the Mount’s Bay lugger Mystery, which made a voyage to Australia in 1854/55.  The voyage was led by seven fishermen, who set sail in the hope of finding their fortunes after a conversation in the Star Inn in Newlyn in 1854. 

It took them 116 days sailing from Penzance to Melbourne. A 12, 000 mile journey in a 37 foot fishing boat, a Cornish Lugger, that had never previously been out of sight of land.

Spirit of Mystery2

In October 2008 a three man crew set sail to Cape Town, the same route the Mystery took, in a replica boat  called Spirit of Mystery The replica was built in 10 months  at Millbrook by Chris Rees for Pete Goss. Wood from the  Cutty Sark, and HMS Victory, has been incorporated into the Spirit of Mystery, with some of the rigging coming from SS Great Britain.

You can see the beautiful boat this week on one our daily river cruises or on a Koru Kayak Adventure before she sets sail again for the Tall Ships Regatta in Falmouth this weekend!   

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