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Easter is a lovely time to enjoy a Helford River Cruise! We’ve already spotted herons, kingfishers, little egrets, sand pipers, curlews and cormorants along with the stunning scenery and historic shipwreck and houses. Who knows what we might see this week!

Here are our cruise times over the next few weeks hope you can join us:

6 April 5.30pm

7 April 6pm

8 April 7pm

9 April no cruise

10 April no cruise

11 April 9.30am

12 April 10.30am – FULLY BOOKED

13 April 10.30am

14 April 12 noon

15 April 1.15pm

16 April 2.30pm

17 April 3.15pm

18 April 4pm

19 April 4.30pm

20 April 5.15pm

21 April 6pm

22 April 6.30pm – FULLY BOOKED