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Yes we’re still in the water and what an amazing time of year to get out on Helford! The ancient oak trees are turning a stunning bright orange.

There’s an abundance of birdlife to see too including kingfishers, herons, little egrets, swans, ducks and most recently spotted a guillemot!

Last few cruises this year call 0794 102 7732 or contact us to book your space:

Thursday 31st October – 7.30am

Monday 4th November – 10am

Tuesday 5th November – 9.45am

Wednesday 6th November – 11.15am

Thursday 7th November – 12.20pm

Friday 8th November – 1.10pm

Saturday 9th November – 1.45pm

Sunday 10th November – 2.30pm

Monday 11th November – 3pm