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Too good not to share. It’s that time of year again, when the leaves give off a stunning glow.

Autumnal colours as the ancient oak trees start to turn, Helford River, Cornwall

Sat at the Budock Vean Hotel foreshore in the early morning is such a peaceful place to be, in fact almost any time of day it’s peaceful. Especially when there’s no wind at all the water is like a mirror.

View from the foreshore, Budock Vean Hotel, Helford River, Cornwa






The magical reflections as the sunlight shines on the water. Reflecting the clouds and blue skies and the brightly coloured leaves. As you can hear the sounds of the wildlife – curlews calling their haunting cry, kingfishers and sandpipers tweeting, cormorants flexing their wings sometimes the magical sound of swans in flight with jumbo wings, as they take flight in unison. We’ve tagged a couple of videos and so you can here the sounds: swans in flight.

However, at the moment they all seem to be congregating together on the creeks. We had presumed for pairing up and mating, but that usually happens in spring. After some research we discovered that rather than migrating swans move along waterways to areas with grassy fields for the winter as reeds and water food dies out over the winter months. (source: Swan Life)

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