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75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings

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It’s hard to imagine the thousands of troops launching from the sleepy Helford River, where yachts sail peacefully by, wildlife is in abundance and the water laps the shores. yet 75 years ago this place was filled with American troops from the 29th Infancy Division preparing and launching for the D Day landings, one of the most important turning points by the Allies in the Second World War.

Trebah Beach

Trebah Beach, on the Helford River, was the ideal location for the troops to launch and this week Trebah Gardens are commemorating with the theatre production Operation Neptune.

The Budock Vean Hotel, just along the Helford River, tucked away on Port Navas Creek, was the officer quarters during the embarkation of the troops from Trebah and are sponsoring Trebah Garden with their production of ‘Operation Neptune – The American’s are Coming’ over 5 nights from 11th – 15th June.


Quote: Operation Neptune when booking. *15% represents average discount. T&Cs apply: www.budockvean.co.uk/offers/d-day-75

A little known fact is that soldiers also launched from Wytham Quay, on Frenchman’s Creek.

A customer on one of our Helford River Cruises broke down in tears when he saw Wytham Quay. When asked what was wrong he explained that he recognised the quay from his childhood. He had stood here and waved off troops setting out to fight with the Allies during the second world war.

You can see Trebah Beach, Wytham Quay and Budock Vean Hotel on our daily 90 minute Helford River Cruises from the Budock Vean Hotel.

Cruise times this week are:

Monday 3rd June – 4.30pm
Tuesday 4th June – 7.15pm
Wednesday 5th June – 6pm
Thursday 6th June – 6.30pm
Friday 7th June – 7.30pm
Saturday 8th June – 9.30am
Sunday 9th June – 10.30am

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Easter boat trips!

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Easter is a lovely time to enjoy a Helford River Cruise! We’ve already spotted herons, kingfishers, little egrets, sand pipers, curlews and cormorants along with the stunning scenery and historic shipwreck and houses. Who knows what we might see this week!

Here are our cruise times over the next few weeks hope you can join us:

6 April 5.30pm

7 April 6pm

8 April 7pm

9 April no cruise

10 April no cruise

11 April 9.30am

12 April 10.30am – FULLY BOOKED

13 April 10.30am

14 April 12 noon

15 April 1.15pm

16 April 2.30pm

17 April 3.15pm

18 April 4pm

19 April 4.30pm

20 April 5.15pm

21 April 6pm

22 April 6.30pm – FULLY BOOKED

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Sunset on the water is stunning, as the evening draws in the birds song echoes on the tranquil waters of the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek.

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Wildlife is in abundance on the Helford. Herons, Little Egrets, Cormorants, Curlews and kingfishers are regularly spotted and there are even seals and dolphins occasionally seen on our cruises.

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Want to make it exclusive? You can always book a private charter and take from 1 person up to 12 people. Fantastic for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and memorable moments. Our cruises go out daily as long as daylight allows and so do get in touch and find out the best times for you.

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